Adding a New Category + Where I’ve Been 

Hey hey hey 👋🏾! I am pleased to tell you about one thing  I plan on changing with my blog. Starting soon, I will add a new category on here called Jornaling. Here I plan on discussing some of my journaling experiences and what I do to keep up with my journaling. I have been in and out of journaling ever since I was in middle school. My journal entries then were meaningless compared to now. This year, I have gained a sudden interest in journaling to where I started to search journaling throughout- Pinterest, YouTube, WordPress (you name it)- to see who else has had experiences with journaling. If you have any suggestions regarding journaling, comment below and I will be sure to discuss that here. 

I wanted to fill you in here and there on what I have been doing and why I have been lacking with consistency. Last week, I began my internship at a school (in other words, it’s called student teaching). The school and class I’m in is very fun and helps me to become motivated to go to my placement everyday. With that being said, that is the primary reason why I am not consistent with my blog.  I plan to post some content on here, but for now I write on here when I have the time to post. 

Thank you for sticking with me on my content. Have a great day. 


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