My Journaling Journey 

As part of my new category  added to the blog, I’m going to tell you all about my journaling experiences and my outlook. I began journaling since I was in middle school. Those journal entries were very meaningless and random. Because of the lack of meaning behind them, I decided to give that up for a few years. I stopped for a while and went about until eleventh grade. In the middle of my eleventh grade year, I decided to journal my day and anything that came to mind. This helped me to filtrate all that I am thinking about so that I could think freely. This continued throughout for the next few years until I attended college. I tried to keep up with journaling but because of the workload I had to deal with, I stopped journaling. 

I started journaling again in the beginning of the year, keeping consistent with it every night before going to bed. This helps so I could filtrate all that is flowing through my head on paper for a better sleep and to not get a headache the next day. My intake on this is that it helps to relieve stress and any thoughts that are lingering. This will also help with decision-making skills as well. 

Comment below if you have journaled below or would like to know some of the content I journal about. 


2 thoughts on “My Journaling Journey 

    • allabouttayblog says:

      Thank you. I decided to expand my horizons with my blog and have it still surface around getting things done as the theme. I have more posts coming soon but I have to go in and edit them before releasing them 😊.


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