Which Productivity App is Better? 

I did this on another post for my other blog and it went pretty well. I decided to bring that idea on here where I compare two items and you get to comment which you prefer and why. In this case, I’m going to compare productivity apps that can help you to stay organized. Note that I use these apps to make my life much easier, but I may leave out some information. 

The first app I tried out when Getting Things Done (or I should say trying to organize my life) was the wunderlist app. You can organize your tasks by folders. Within a task , you can create sub tasks to help you with a specific project along the way. Unfortunately for this app, there is no location embedded or calendar/ email embedded. On the bright side, it makes a ringing sound one you check that you have completed the task to it’s entirety. 

Recently I downloaded the Handle app from the App Store. You can organize your tasks by categories, but you cannot create sub tasks within a task ☹️ (oh bummer!). With this app, you can not only embed location but also have it so tasks are embedded within your calendar and email. Once you complete a task and you have checked it off, confetti pops out and a song tune plays. 

I know this was very brief but I had to share the two that I am currently using. Comment below the app you use to keep you on top of things and your input. Also, comment if you have any questions regarding either app. 


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