An Update on Yours Truly

Hey, just here to update you on my life. If you didn’t already know, I’m currently working in a position that I have always wanted to work in since I was four years old. There are times when I feel challenged, but then I push through knowing there will always be obstacles in the way to stop me from what I love to do most. Right now, I’m working on more blog posts except this time touching the finance part of Getting Things Done. These next blog posts will help you with organizing your life financially so you can live with less stress.

If you have questions regarding the next few blog posts or suggestions on what I should discuss, let me know in the comments below. Also, if you have any questions regarding my life, comment that below as well.


Having a Facebook Page 

Yes, it’s been sometime since I have made a blog post. If you know me and the career path I plan to take, I have to wrap things up with my internship. In the midst of that, I decided to create a facebook page for my blog. Make sure to click on this link so you can  see what I have on my timeline so far. 

Also, I plan on coming back with some content but it will take me a while. During the meantime, comment below anything you would like to see on here. See you soon. 

Which Productivity App is Better? 

I did this on another post for my other blog and it went pretty well. I decided to bring that idea on here where I compare two items and you get to comment which you prefer and why. In this case, I’m going to compare productivity apps that can help you to stay organized. Note that I use these apps to make my life much easier, but I may leave out some information. 

The first app I tried out when Getting Things Done (or I should say trying to organize my life) was the wunderlist app. You can organize your tasks by folders. Within a task , you can create sub tasks to help you with a specific project along the way. Unfortunately for this app, there is no location embedded or calendar/ email embedded. On the bright side, it makes a ringing sound one you check that you have completed the task to it’s entirety. 

Recently I downloaded the Handle app from the App Store. You can organize your tasks by categories, but you cannot create sub tasks within a task ☹️ (oh bummer!). With this app, you can not only embed location but also have it so tasks are embedded within your calendar and email. Once you complete a task and you have checked it off, confetti pops out and a song tune plays. 

I know this was very brief but I had to share the two that I am currently using. Comment below the app you use to keep you on top of things and your input. Also, comment if you have any questions regarding either app. 

My Journaling Journey 

As part of my new category  added to the blog, I’m going to tell you all about my journaling experiences and my outlook. I began journaling since I was in middle school. Those journal entries were very meaningless and random. Because of the lack of meaning behind them, I decided to give that up for a few years. I stopped for a while and went about until eleventh grade. In the middle of my eleventh grade year, I decided to journal my day and anything that came to mind. This helped me to filtrate all that I am thinking about so that I could think freely. This continued throughout for the next few years until I attended college. I tried to keep up with journaling but because of the workload I had to deal with, I stopped journaling. 

I started journaling again in the beginning of the year, keeping consistent with it every night before going to bed. This helps so I could filtrate all that is flowing through my head on paper for a better sleep and to not get a headache the next day. My intake on this is that it helps to relieve stress and any thoughts that are lingering. This will also help with decision-making skills as well. 

Comment below if you have journaled below or would like to know some of the content I journal about. 

What’s In My Filing Cabinet 

Not too long ago, I added a filing cabinet I just bought a few weeks before Christmas as part of my inbox. For this inbox, I organize each compartment into different categories. These categories coordinate with my work and other miscellaneous items. 

  • The In-tray: The very first draw I organized as the in-tray. This compartment hold paper that I would look at later when I have nothing to do regarding tasks that I should complete. 

  • Other: This section includes files that would not coordinate with my work. This compartment includes file folders for medical and finance records. 
  • Teacher Education Content: This section holds resources that I would need for the near future. This includes websites for different lessons, activities for different grade levels, and successful lesson plans I vow to teach. I would also include manipulatives that I would use for different activities. 

  • Look At Pile: This did not come with the filing cabinet; this was on my desk but I moved it on the top of my filing cabinet (due to me needing more space on my desk area). I used this filing system as an inbox where I would place mail or other items and refer back to that later. This was very helpful, knowing that it’s in my face to go through and get rid of what it is I do not want or organize them into its rightful place. 

If you look at the images carefully, you would see how I have made my own labels as a way to make it more festive and coordinate with my room. Comment below ways in which you use/ would use a filing cabinet  as a way to organize. 

What’s On My Desk 

Remember when I wrote some posts on having my desk as one of my inboxes? Well, that has changed. I’m very thankful that I got this break out of school so that I can focus on keeping organized the right way- the GTD way. For this post, I am going to show you some supplies that I have on my desk 

  • Vase with writing utensils: Befor using this as a pencil holder, I used to keep flowers in them and decided to renovate my room. When I did this, I decided that I wanted to keep my vase to keep pencils in. After a while I started to keep every writing utensil in there, from pens to  whiteboard markers 

  • Pencil holder with storage dispensers: I used to keep all of my writing utensils in here until they kept getting stuck 😡. Now I use that pencil compartment to store notes that I need for future referencing. As for my other storage dispensers, I only store paper clips in them (who doesn’t need paper clips) 

  • Content Planning Notebook: When I first had this notebook, I did not know exactly what I wanted to do with it. I would put random things in there from journaling to math problems for my homework. Now I am thinking clear of its purpose, and that is to use it for content planning. I jot down broader ideas for a specific blog post that I would like to publish. 

  • Notepad: This supply is nearby in case I need to jot down small ideas that I can eventually broaden my thoughts into the content planning book. This is not only for my content; this notepad is also for small reminders that I cannot hold in my head anymore and have to get down on pen and paper.
  • Miscellaneous Items: These items include a stapler, my glasses, hand sanitizer, and hand lotion. 
  • Journal: Strarting in the new year, I plan t journal more than I did last year. In order to do so, I have it on my desk as a reminder for me to journal how my day went by far. 

These are all the components I have on my desk and I feel is important to have around the desk area. Most of the supplies I mentioned I bought from Walmart. Comment below some components you have around your desk area. 

How I Organize My Phone 

My phone was the next item in which I purged unwanted items and photos to free up some space. There was not much to organizing my phone; I already did that by organizing each app I have by color (technically, it was my sister’s idea to organize my phone apps by color). All I had to do was upload my photos and videos to my phone through both Dropbox and connecting my phone to my computer. Once I completed this step, I deleted unwanted photos so that I can have enough space for more photos. 

This process was not as strenuous as the previous purging project, knowing that I do this every few months or so. Comment below if you purge your phone and/ or any wireless devices. 

How I Organize My Computer 

Another takeaway that I did not display in one of my previous posts was that David Allen persuaded his readers that they go through things that they have been holding onto. In other words, Allen wants his readers to purge items that they do not need and have been holding onto for so long. I began to do that little by little and am happy to talk about that with you once I complete my purging project. They very first item I decided to purge was my computer. The main reason being the storage within my computer was running low! So I needed to go through my computer and delete items that are not necessary to keep within this device. This purging process took one to two days. I say two days because I needed to get prepared for one of my certificate exams. In this purging process, I deleted unwanted files (including my YouTube videos) that have been sitting there with no purpose to hold onto these files. Once I did this, I organized the wanted files into folders. Not only did I do this in my memory section; I did this also to my desktop. On there I decided to delete unwanted applications and change my wallpaper as a celebration of me purging my computer. 

Overall this process took a little less than 2 hours, not as crucial as how it was with dealing with my email. Comment below if you have purged your computer or plan one doing so soon. 

My Current Inbox: Updated Version

After tremendous amount of review with my senior seminar class, I finally understand what an inbox is. An inbox is a location where you store your information, whether it be personal or for work purposes. My professor for this course suggested that all of us have one inbox to focus on. I agree with him for the simple reasons that you want to easily manage your GTD system.

For the updated version, I have modified my inbox(es) to locations where I would actually store information that pertains to myself.

  • Calendar: Before this course, I would use this as a way to display times when I am busy or free to relax or focus on content for my other blog. Now, I use this inbox to display chores to complete on specific days, days to publish different posts and content on social media, and to mark times when I am busy or free to fulfill those duties.

    • Planner: This inbox remained the same for school in terms of assignments that I should complete before the due date. More help on reminders for schoolwork leads me to my next inbox.

    • Wunderlist app: I am loving this app! I insert reminders of what tasks I am to complete. This app really helps to not hold too much in my head, knowing that drives more stress. Once I complete those tasks, I check those off as a completion. I feel really good afterwards, especially the sound that it makes when checking tasks off as complete.

    • Filing Cabinet: I just bought this not too long ago. Reason being I needed to organize my material in something that is simple yet neat. The bottom two drawers are for my personal content and work content. The very top draw is my in-tray drawer where I store paper and refer back to at a later date for further organization. 

    • Desk: This is my inbox for the moment. This is where I store all of my information and material to go through when needing to organize and get things done. 

      These are my current inboxes that are working out for me by far. This system might change as I go on as I delve further into my system. If you missed my very first blog post, check out this post to see what my inboxes were. Just like before, comment below if you made any changes to your inbox. If you are new to this post, comment your current inbox status.

      My GTD Takeaways 

      The book Getting Things Done by David Allen has had a positive impact on my system. Some concepts I disagree with, others I agreed with. For this post, I am going to display the takeaways from this.

      1. Having an inbox: I did not know how important it was (or what it was in the very beginning) until further discussions with my senior seminar class. Throughout the semester, this takeaway had a positive benefit so I would know where I place my information.
      2. Clarify Tasks: I always thought I had it in the bag with how I clarify or organize tasks. When going through the reading, I realized I did not have it all. One method that has helped (and always implemented but never thought of it this way) was the Do It,. Delegate It, and Defer It Method. This has helped a lot so I would know what to complete within a certain amount of time.
      3. Dealing with Email: I also thought I had this in the bag until I went through my purging process. This was one of the saddest moments in my entire life, knowing this went over an hour. On the bright side, the coordinated reading and classroom discussions has helped with how I am to take control of my email…and not let my email control me.
      4. Long Term Goals: This was something I never thought about until I completed that activity in my senior seminar class. I realized, through discussions and the reading, that all tasks to be completed coordinate with the outcome of my future.
      5. “What’s the Next Action Step” Concept: This directly connects with long-term goals. Reason being I need action tasks so I could start planning for projects that I suffice with (i.e, school) and projects down the road (i.e., Someday/ Maybe list). All that this concept surfaces around is the theme of planning. Like what David Allen said, plan further ahead and not at the very last-minute.

      That is the complete list of my takeaways from this book. I plan on taking this with me throughout my life to keep my life tidy on some levels. I also plan on improving in areas where I struggled the most in terms of the GTD system. If you read this book, comment below your takeaways.