Having a Facebook Page 

Yes, it’s been sometime since I have made a blog post. If you know me and the career path I plan to take, I have to wrap things up with my internship. In the midst of that, I decided to create a facebook page for my blog. Make sure to click on this link so you can  see what I have on my timeline so far. 

Also, I plan on coming back with some content but it will take me a while. During the meantime, comment below anything you would like to see on here. See you soon. 


My Journaling Journey 

As part of my new category  added to the blog, I’m going to tell you all about my journaling experiences and my outlook. I began journaling since I was in middle school. Those journal entries were very meaningless and random. Because of the lack of meaning behind them, I decided to give that up for a few years. I stopped for a while and went about until eleventh grade. In the middle of my eleventh grade year, I decided to journal my day and anything that came to mind. This helped me to filtrate all that I am thinking about so that I could think freely. This continued throughout for the next few years until I attended college. I tried to keep up with journaling but because of the workload I had to deal with, I stopped journaling. 

I started journaling again in the beginning of the year, keeping consistent with it every night before going to bed. This helps so I could filtrate all that is flowing through my head on paper for a better sleep and to not get a headache the next day. My intake on this is that it helps to relieve stress and any thoughts that are lingering. This will also help with decision-making skills as well. 

Comment below if you have journaled below or would like to know some of the content I journal about. 

Stigma Review 

This is my second review on another app. The last one I did a review was on the Wunderlist app. This review is very different compared to the previous. 

The app I am to review is called Stigma. I was searching for an app in the App Store that ties in with journaling and suddenly this one pops up as part of my search. I decided to download it and see what this app was all about. With my experience on this app for the couple of weeks, I really like it. There are many cool features on this app that I am going to tell you about briefly. 

  • Penpals: Yass! This app has pen pals (something I get to check off my list) that I can talk to with regards to helping them with any situation they have and/ or a way to get to know someone. With this, they do not know who you are; you are given a silly nickname for all to be anonymous and not reveal you identity. I just found out too the other day that you are given different nicknames for different penpals that you have so other people do not know that you are speaking to the same person. 
  • Mood Tracker: I do this as I journal, but it is not always accurate. With this app, you get to choose your mood for the entry alongside your post. When published (either to the community or in private), you get to see a graph of your moods. 
  • Seeing (and hearting) different posts: These posts are the same as with the penpals and the journal entries combined. You can post your entry to the public and not have to worry other people know who you are exactly because of the silly nicknames given. Within that, you get to link your mood so others know how you feel. 

That is my review of the Stigma app. I would give this an overall 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because of how helpful it is and how discrete it is as well. You can download the app here and experience it for yourself. 

P.S. I forgot to mention to comment below if you tried this app or anything similar to it and your input.