How I Dress for Work 2 

I’m back with another outfit from my fieldwork. Here is a picture on what I wore. 

Wrap- Old Navy 

Sweater- JCPenney 

Pants- Worthington 

Shoes- JCPenney 

Tip: To get this same look, you can purchase this set of clothes from anywhere. It does not have to be from the exact places that I shop. 


How I Dress for Work 

This post was heavily requested. For fieldwork, it is mandatory to dress your best in a professional manner. For my fieldwork, I usually wear flare pants, sweaters, blouses, and heels (of course). For this outfit, I’ve decided to switch thing up on how I would dress going to my fieldwork. 

Outfit Details: 

Blouse- Worthington 

Ankle Pants- Worthington 

Shoes- Unisa

Bag- BCBG (gift) 

Note that I kept everything soft, even down to my makeup. If you would like more outfits for work, let me know in the comments below.